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Chiropractic Care

Spine modelChiropractic care is essential to overall health. The easiest way to describe the importance of regular adjustments is the garden hose analogy. If a garden hose develops a kink, the water stops flowing. Similar to the hose, if a nerve becomes kinked, communication from the brain to the body is disrupted.

Dr. Kari works to correct this inference, called a subluxation, to clear your nervous system and allow your body to heal as it was designed.

Common Benefits

Chiropractic adjustments are used to address a series of ailments, such as low back pain, shoulder pain, high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, sciatica, ear infections, and more.

As chiropractic care has a lot to do with neurology, or the brain, appropriate adjustments are also known to decrease anxiety, better depression, improve ADHD and ADD in children, and decrease general emotional distress. Denver Spine Chiropractic also welcomes expectant mothers seeking comfort throughout pregnancy.

Our Techniques

Dr. Kari is all about the needs of the patient. Utilizing a variety of techniques, including Diversified Technique, Thompson Technique, Activator Method, and the Pettibon System, she is able to perform individualized adjustments that are specific to your care.

While Diversified Technique is a more traditional technique, Thompson Technique utilizes a drop piece that adjusts without the intense cracks and pops. Similarly, Activator Method relies on a small tool that gently pinpoints and corrects the cause of your discomfort.

The Pettibon System is also gentle in nature, focusing on rehabilitative assessments and procedures to better your spine and improve posture.

Through careful evaluation, Dr. Kari will determine which type of adjustment is most compatible with your condition. Your comfort is very important to us, so be sure to communicate your comfort level and ask any questions as they arise.

Schedule Your Visit

At Denver Spine Chiropractic, you have a voice, and Dr. Kari is glad to provide detailed explanations of each adjustment to put your nerves at ease. We are here to listen to you, make you feel as comfortable as possible, and help you live well! Get started today.

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