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Meet Dr. Kari Palmer

Chiropractor Littleton, Dr. Kari PalmerDr. Kari has been practicing chiropractic since graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2008. With nearly one decade of experience under her belt, her passion for chiropractic care and the people she sees continues to grow each day.

Dr. Kari is proud to call Denver Spine Chiropractic her home and serve a community for which she cares deeply.

Chiropractic Kept Calling

From a young age, Dr. Kari knew she wanted to work in the health field, but she also knew she was not a fan of blood and needles. It was her childhood chiropractor that suggested a career like his own.

Believing she was not smart enough to pursue a career in chiropractic care, Dr. Kari enrolled in general college courses with her sights set elsewhere. However, chiropractic kept calling her, and eventually, she realized helping others through natural adjustments was her path.

Academic Career

Soon after deciding to become a chiropractor, Dr. Kari applied to chiropractic college and was quickly accepted. Since graduation, she has earned her CPR certification, become certified in Webster Technique, trained extensively in the care of infants, young children, and expectant mothers, and learned a great deal about animal chiropractic.

As continuing education is important to Dr. Kari, she has purposefully implemented several educational outlets and programs throughout her practice. Currently the Vice President of a non-profit organization called Haven’s Nest, she has also spent several years serving her local community through fundraisers in support of needy children.

Outside the Practice

When she is not busy working with her beloved patients, Dr. Kari enjoys spending time with her husband, son, three dogs, three chickens, and three coy fish. Her home hobby farm keeps her and her family busy outside breathing in nature. Having traveled to Greece to hike Mount Olympus at seven months pregnant, she also thrives through an active lifestyle.

Fun fact: Though hindsight is clear, and the hike may have been difficult, Dr. Kari was the first pregnant woman to ever summit Mount Olympus. Her son made history before birth!

Get to know more about Dr. Kari when you visit us for your appointment.

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